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Welcome to our internet site where you will find our complete range of products for the laboratory. Our Instruments is a customer oriented distributing organization providing our customers with quality products, services and innovative solutions.
Our Instruments is suppling instruments such as Stopped Flow System, Rapid Mixing Spectrometer Accessory,Autoclaves, Bio Safety Cabinets, Freeze Dryer, Laboratory Deep Freezer, CO2 Incubators, Centrifuges, Vacuum Concentrator Centrifuges, Laboratory Shaker, Laboratory Freezer, Laboratory Vacuum Pumps,Automated Microwave Digestion System,Digi Prep Graphite Digestion System,Digi Prep HT Digestion System ,NIST Traceable Envirmental Calibration Standards and Pesticide standards and so on.
Molecular Biology Products
Stopped Flow System
The Spectro Biotek is a high performance stopped-flow
Rapid Mixing Unit
The SFA-20 series of Rapid Kinetics Accessories may be used
in conjunction
Life Science and Biotechnology Products
We supply instruments for all kinds
of shaking movements
Need CO2? Need Cooling? Or just
a clever & worthwhile solution
Electrophoresis Chambers
From gel to analysis
Laminar Air Flow
We supply instruments for the whole
range of
General Lab Equipment
General equipment for all purposes
Environment Products
Automated Microwave Digestion System
A Fully Automated NOVAWAVE Microwave Tunnel
Digestion System with all the software and operational
Digi PREP Graphite Digestion System
We supply instruments for the
whole range of
Digi PREP HT Digestion System
High Temperature Sample Digestion Systems Manufa-
-ctured with an all-Teflon® manifold
Digi PREP Controller
Controller for all type of Digestion System